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The Pathfinders
Board of Directors and Staff

Current Vacancies: Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, Exec. Board Members (2) Advisory Board (17)

Executive Board

Our Committees

Committees are needed to make things happenCommittees play a vital role in driving progress and achieving goals. They bring together individuals with unique skills and expertise to work towards a common objective.

Work Desk

Workforce & Employment


The mission of The Path is to cultivate new paths to diversity, inclusion, and equity by using design thinking, scrum project management, and a deep dive into the world of behavioral and personality psychology and applying these methodologies to the equation of change.

Workforce Goals

  1. Facilitate sharing of member best practices.

  2. Provide and steward industry partnerships.

  3. Offer industry education opportunities for workforce development.

  4. Foster prosperity for individuals, communities, and businesses.

Traditional Library

Research & Development


The Research and Development (R&D) Committee will be responsible for assisting The Path: An Agent of Change, Inc. (TPAAC) in reviewing and assessing its programs/projects, overseeing TPAAC’s strategic priorities, and exploring grants to fund such priorities. R&D will ensure that the research programs/projects that TPAAC pursues are meeting the strategic priorities set and the programs are delivering the outcomes and expectations. R&D will review the progress, and strategic alignment, and assess the effectiveness of the program.


  1. Create and coordinate research development activities through curated articles and other resources aligned with TPAAC’s programs/projects.

  2. Coordinate and develop publications on programs/projects for the advancement of knowledge.

  3. Review and edit manuscripts prior to publication.

  4. Recommend topics for training and panel discussions.

Classroom Furnitures

Education & Equity

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Tree Planting

Advocacy & Outreach


The Advocacy and Outreach Committee of The Path: An Agent of Change, Inc. (TPAAC) is dedicated to fostering positive community engagement, promoting civil change, and reshaping narratives that empower individuals and communities. Our mission is to be a catalyst for transformative social impact by advocating for justice, equality, and inclusive practices.

Strategic Goals:

  1. Community Outreach || Strengthen connections with diverse communities to understand their unique needs and concerns.

  2. Civil Change || Drive tangible change through advocacy and support for policies that promote justice and equality.

  3. Changing Narratives || Challenge and reshape prevailing narratives that perpetuate inequality and injustice.

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