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We aim to make a positive difference and promote healing and harmony for all those who have faced injustices, regardless of their race, color, creed, religion, or sexual orientation. It's important to acknowledge that we've all been hurt and caused harm in some way or another. 


Therefore, we must unite and strive towards creating a future where we can coexist peacefully, embracing our unique backgrounds instead of conforming to societal standards. We can operate on a limited budget, so we've initiated this campaign with a goal of $250,000. With your assistance, The Path: An Agent of Change, Inc. can reach this target and continue the work we've set out to accomplish through this initiative.

Project #Eden

This project is designed to help those who want to understand the possibility of a higher being, such as God or Yahweh, through examination of biblical context and highly philosophical and spiritual studying together. 

Research Study: Faith and spirituality as psychological coping mechanism


Project #ignite

Problem:  In 1962, the U.S. Supreme Court banned school-sponsored prayer in public schools. We believe that some level of moral turpitude has taken place during this time and increased. Now, children are more violent and aggressive and act out such emotions in the school setting. 

Solution: Project #ignite Summer Youth Camp.

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Project #Voice

This project uses a concept called social sharing and entertainment to creates organically comfortable environments for deep and controversially uncomfortable conversations. 

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Project #P2P

The Pathway 2 Peace initiative is a project focused on bringing faith-based communities, such as churches and colleges, to creating pipelines between BIPOC and Non-BIPOC people for the purpose of cultivating diverse, equitable, and inclusive environments and norms. 

Research Study: Peer Socialability 


Project #Increase

Our founder created a unique methodology for leading people to change called designing for change. Since its inception, Darryl has spoken at many speaking events and has shared this powerful tool of progression with many.

Want to book him? Click here


Project #lendinghands

#lendinghands uses the human-centered design to cultivate an apprenticeship program that can provide financial support for under-resourced families while training and certifying youth in medical and IT-related education. To take it a step further, we facilitate a curated apprenticeship experience where we monitor, mentor, and assess a youth's progress for 6 to 11 months (depending on certification received) to ensure that the youth is cared for, trained, and tailored into a professional with lived experience.

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Project #Lead

Using the power of leadership, we will build powerful leadership teams in underserved communities, equipping them to do change work and empowering them through education to be the solution to our systemic issues. 


Project #Life

We provide life skills focused on change management, psychology, and practice. We will perform our (meaning, me and you) workshop and assist you with your changeover by walking through the first transformation steps. 

Research Study: Collective Leadership, Peer Socialability, and Effort paradox. 


Project #Certify

IWe are proud to announce our partnership with New Standard Learning Center, LLC and Grow with Google in providing 500 IT certification scholarships to those who are in the most need.

Research Study: The Effort Paradox


Complete this form: NSLC / TPAAC Certification Interest Form

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