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What is Black Power?

Black is a racialized classification of people, my people and our many variants. It was derived from the Spanish and Portuguese word negro (black). It was used to dehumanize slaves, while stripping them of their African identity. The shape below is the color black. I AM NOT THE COLOR OF THIS SHAPE. Due to the visual inaccuracies, it is safe to say that America is still very derogatory in its classification. When I apply for a job, apply for a loan, or fill out a rental application, I am forced to pick "Black". It is constant reminder of the visual perception of my skin and a primary reason for rejection.

So, what is black power? If it is this derogatory version of negro, negra, or ni*&$r. The Definition of Black Power is this:

Black is the mixture of all colors. Black is an additive and the most diverse color. Yet, it is not on the spectrum. Black is required for all other colors to have depth and variation of hue. Power is the possession of control, authority, or influence over others My power is the ability to empower others. I give power.

I am an authority.

This is why my culture is so appealing to others. Have you ever heard of a white person tries to act Indian? How about.. Have you every heard an Asian acting Puerto Rican? But, you have heard of many races trying to be Black. That is influence, whether you believe it to be positive or negative.

Here is my black privilege:

In order for the system to fail me, I must allow it.

In order for the police to kill me, I must submit.

In order for supremacy to rule me, I must give it authority.

I say, "No". I give my power to my own purpose. Black is my power, not my skin tone. Black is my gift, not my curse. Black is the color of diversity.

I am Black and I am proud

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