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The Making of the Path

Would you be angry if the police stopped you for walking home while black? Or would you have fought when a job decided that your face is too dark to publicly represent their company?

This is part of MY story and the question that I face every day is, "Why does the color of my skin block the value you see in me?"

Some people choose to get tired and give up and, some people decide to get angry and fight. Rightfully so, being born black has this effect.

The Path is a nonprofit organization and a tool of progression & reconciliation. We serve the community by raising awareness of cross-cultural issues. Our method is using the wisdom and experiences of others mixed with historical facts and information to develop solutions. One solution is The Table.

The Table is just that - a tabled discussion that offers the comfortability of having the unpleasant conversations of inequality in an environment of respect, love, and understanding. Initially, The Table will create three events in the Atlanta area for problem solving the future and bring individuals of unlikeness together in the areas of politics, education, and religion. A social call to action can be voiced through our campaign: #ifyouwontIwill.

As we walk together down the path, we confront our fears and truths about our society's uncertainty. We come together at The Table and create positive collaborations of a brighter future for all.

You are welcomed at The Table. This is The Path.

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