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Psychology: Advance or Become useless

It is easiest to equate our issues to clashes in personality and this is why professional etiquette is a big issue for me. The stories we read in history are written by the victor. I believe the same goes for the rules that we all follow. It would be professional etiquette for individuals to share how their true feelings are pertaining to an unliked individual and let them attempt to resolve together. Upon the completion of sharing one's feelings, the true establishment of a personality clash would be appropriate. However, some things have nothing to do with personality clash. Some risky individuals have an indifference in opinion towards lifestyle, race, religion, gender, etc. There is an urgent need to dismantle racism and if all the fields of psychology contributed to the need in their own field, the world may see this dismantlement. Andoh (2021) mentions that psychology has two choices, either advance or become irrelevant. Sadly, the use of psychology to continue to develop new theories, but not solutions will lead to this unfortunate conclusion.

Industrial and organizational psychology should be a leading factor in the cure for systemic racism and discrimination practices in the workforce. You mentioned that the inability to address high-risk situations can lead to ethical dilemmas is a vital truth in this issue. If a racist person took the time to express their feelings towards others, then it would make the environment easier to manage. As an underrepresented POC, I would prefer a work environment where I knew those who didn't like me for whatever their reasons, so I would not fall into their traps. However, despite it being ethical, the cost of being honest is everything.

According to Koocher and Keoth-Spiegel (2016), One of the ethical core principles is to no do harm. Yet, I believe our inability to act is a way we cause unintentional harm. If we can use psychology for the betterment of our humanity, we can begin to solve these professional etiquette issues. The Path aims to use psychology to solve our issues. Discrimination at its roots is bias. Racism is a system of learned behaviors and social customs or norms. We have to be reprogrammed to end racism. The wiring of our amygdala determines what we receive as positive and negative stimuli. If I am taught that the black image is negative stimuli, my behavior and actions will follow.

Andoh, E. (2021, April). Psychology's urgent need to dismantle racism. Monitor on Psychology, 52(3).

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