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Meet the Founder

Darryl Johnson, PsyM, SSYB, SMC

"How can we properly define a future we have never witnessed."

His/Him Story

My name is Darryl Johnson.

As a person who suffered from the insecurity of never being enough, I have made it throughout life, hoping for better. From the many mistakes that I have made, I sought to make amends with myself for the perceived destruction of my life. One day, I realized my internalization of emotions and anger led to these many misfortunes. I was hurt and angry. Part of me still is today. However, it is that part of me that wants to reconcile the incongruities within me so that I can be the best version of myself for others.

I am an imperfection. 

I am a husband, father, minister, Navy veteran, teacher, friend, and founder of The Path: An Agent of Change, Inc. Holding my master's in psychology and am a proud member of the National Society of Leadership and Success, I completed my graduate journey while using the entire program to develop solutions for systemic change. I was selected as a finalist in the NSLS United by Purpose Grant, which focused on dismantling racism and bigotry.

As a Certified UX Designer, ScrumMaster, and IBM Certified Design Thinking Practitioner, I use my education to create a nonprofit that cultivates change as a product for our environment. Yes, I said change. We believe that we cannot define what we have not seen. Therefore, we design for change by collecting user stories to create equitable solutions to be implemented in society to foster change. With some backing from the NSLS, I successfully launched The Path: An Agent of Change, Inc. in 2021.

We are now holding many seminars and events, locally in Atlanta and virtually, to teach the world how to design for change. As we grow financially and in numbers, we will begin to departmentalize into the four focus areas proposed by Dannemiller's change equation. Our product will assist in moving the narration from awareness to tangibility in equity for all.

I am Change.


BS, Information Technology (2016)

MS, Psychology (2022)

MS, Theology (2023)



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