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Mission Statement

At the heart of our mission is the desire to bring people together in new and meaningful ways. We seek to create pathways that honor our individual differences while fostering deeper connections. Our ultimate goal is to cultivate a world where restoration and unity are the norm.

Our Culture

At The Path: An Agent of Change, Inc. (TPAAC), we believe in the worth of every individual. Our aim is to promote positive change and peacebuilding. We uphold Total Inclusivity, which means we honor, cherish, and collaborate with people who have diverse viewpoints and perspectives. 


By utilizing design thinking, scrum project management, and delving into behavioral and personality psychology, we can effectively implement change. These components are essential to the equation for successful change execution. 

With who

When a person becomes an agent of Change, they recognize an issue and take action to create significant impact.

Our History:

Darryl Johnson established TPAAC (The Path: An Agent of Change) as a non-profit organization in 2021. While pursuing his master's in psychology, he authored a paper on prevalent healthcare disparities in the African-American community. His work earned him a grant from the National Society of Leadership and Success to combat racism, and he declared racism a mental health crisis that demands attention from the psychology community. TPAAC values promoting common truth, diverse support, inclusive empowerment, and equitable progress. Their goal is cross-cultural awareness by utilizing historical facts and experiences to develop civil rights strategies that promote progress and reconciliation.


TPAAC officially became a 509(a)2 public charity in 2022 and has initiated several projects. Project #Eden evaluates faith and spirituality through biblical and philosophical studies. TPAAC researches faith and religion as coping mechanisms and offers a range of workshops, including The Discipleship Class, The Case for Faith, The Case for Christ, The Screwtape Letters, and Learning the 12.


Project #Voice aims to create comfortable atmospheres for challenging conversations through social sharing and entertainment. Project #P2P focuses on creating links between faith-based communities, such as churches and colleges, to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion. TPAAC also conducts research on peer sociability.


Under Project #Increase, TPAAC's founder, Darryl Johnson, shares his unique methodology for leading people to change through speaking engagements. Lastly, Project #LendingHands employs human-centered design to create an apprenticeship program that supports under-resourced families while training and certifying youth in medical and IT-related education. They offer a curated apprenticeship experience, providing mentorship and monitoring the youth's professional development over several months.


TPAAC endeavors to make a tangible impact on underserved communities through various essential projects. One of these projects, known as #Lead, aims to create robust leadership teams in these communities. Through educational initiatives, this project empowers these teams to drive positive change and become part of the solution to societal issues. Another imperative initiative is #Life, which offers life skills training such as change management, psychology, and its practical application. TPAAC provides workshops and guidance to help individuals navigate transformative processes effectively.


In terms of research, TPAAC conducts studies on Collective Leadership, Peer Socialability, and the Effort Paradox. Currently, Cohort 1 of 2023 is in progress, with four students enrolled. The certifications obtained include Project Management and Certified Peaceful Leader, and the workshops cover topics such as Collective Leadership, the 3R's of change in The Realignment Series, Extended Reality - Seeing Beyond the Present, Growth Mindset, and Change Management.


Moreover, TPAAC is proud to partner with New Standard Learning Center, LLC, under Project #Certify to provide 500 IT certification scholarships for those in need. The research focus here is on the Effort Paradox, and currently, 29 students are enrolled in these certification programs. A diverse array of certification options are available, including IT Support, Data Analytics / Advanced Data Analytics, Project Management, IT Automation with Python, Digital Marketing & E-Commerce, User Experience (UX) Design, Cybersecurity, and Google Business Intelligence (SQL).

Learn more about our mission, vision, and how we make the changes we want to see.

COVID-19 safety policy


Our in-person events will require Mask and Handwashing. Masks are optional with proof of vaccination. COVID Screening will be conducted at the entry. If any signs of symptoms related to COVID-19 occur, you will be respectfully requested to leave the event and be guaranteed VIP seating at the next event of your choosing. 

Volunteer Staff:

Proof of Vaccine may be required.  Masks are Mandatory to prevent the possible spread of COVID-19. COVID Screening will be conducted at the entry. If any signs of symptoms related to COVID-19 occur, you will be respectfully requested to leave the event.

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